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Top definition. Asswipe unknown.

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There is a common misconception that an asswipe can be equated to an asshole. This is quite untrue.

An asswipe simply doesn't care. This is usually carried out to such an extreme extent that the apathy brings misfortune to those around the asswipe. The key distinction is intent.

An asshole would stick his leg out to trip you, making you drop what you were carrying and bringing general harm upon you. An asswipe would never dream of tripping you, but if you did trip, he would Odessa texas backpagecom Looking for a little ass as you struggled to collect the scattered papers you had dropped.

He doesn't hurt you but would litrle think of lifting a finger to help.

He also may laugh Lookng little at the sight of you falling. Victim: "dude, you pushed me into quicksandyou asshole. What an Asswipe!

Yoasswipe, get your hands off my sister! An idiot or seemingly stupid individual. An ass kissingself-inflated, "me first " son-of-a-bitch. Jim, the office managerwas a total "ass wipe".

You could always count on him to do whatever it took to may you look bad and him look good. A complete moron ; without a clue.

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George Bush is an Ass Wipe. A stupid individual you can't stand 2.

Another term for an asshole 3. A brown-noser.

Someone who is a teacher's pet or stuck up someone's ass. Becky's boob ain't that big, she is such an asswipe.

What an asswipe. Why don't you get your head out of Mr. Smith's ass, you asswipe.

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